Kashmir Markhor

 (Capra falconeri cashmiriensis)

Kashmir Markhor

Local Name: Markhor

Scientific Name: Capra falconeri cashmiriensis

Local Area:
Indian province of Kashmir, the Gilgit-Baltistan province in Pakistan

Life Span:
11 – 13 years

65 – 115 cm (26 – 45 inches)

80 – 110 kg (176 – 242 pounds)

Trophy Size:
160 cm (64 inches)

Hunting Season:
October to April


The difference between Kashmir Markhor and Astor is in the configuration of its horns, which differs from Astor in many ways. The animal is named after the area in which it lives. Its limited availability is what defines it. The coat and ruff are reflective of the Astor race. Kashmir markhor horns typically have a slight to moderate flare with 2-3 spiral twists.

The markhor, a resident of the world’s most remote mountain peaks, has drawn worldwide hunters since the Industrial Revolution made it possible to travel abroad and hunt there. Many people might think it’s odd that someone would pay a small money to stay in camp tents and shepherds’ huts with no basic amenities or other basic comforts, tackle the hardships of mountain hunting, and possibly bring home the enormous, flat horns with a half turn to them. The attraction of the majestic mountain peaks and the graceful wildlife is alluring to a genuine hunter at heart.

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