Himalayan Ibex

 (Capra ibex sibirica)

Himalayan Ibex

Local Name: Tangrol

Scientific Name: Capra ibex sibirica

Local Area:
Himalayan mountains

Life Span:
10 – 12 years

95 – 101.7 cm (37 – 40 inches)

85 – 88 kg (188 – 193 pounds)

Trophy Size:
101.6 cm (40 inches)

Hunting Season:
October to April


The Himalayan Ibex is native to Pakistan’s Himalayan and Karakoram Ranges. Himalayan Ibex, a higher-living animal than Markhor, lives at altitudes ranging from 2,800 to 3,600 meters (9,000 to 12,000 feet), far above the tree line in many areas. A pair of 40″ horns is regarded as an excellent representative trophy for this species.

The Himalayas conjures us thoughts of beauty, persistence, and struggle just by saying the name. Ibex hunting in a different country is not only a fun and unique hunting experience, but it can also be an eye-opener into a diverse tradition and the importance of professional, regulated hunting as a valuable conservation tool. With long, scimitar-shaped, knobbed horns that could reach well over 4 feet in length, the Himalayas create spectacular Ibex trophies, the perfect representation of the ultimate mountain hunting experience in a raw, primal area.

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