Sindh Ibex

 (Capra hircus aegagrus)

Sindh Ibex

Local Name: Sarah (Sindhi)

Scientific Name: Capra hircus aegagrus

Local Area:
Dry mountainous areas of southern Balouchistan and Eastwards to Sindh Kohistan

Life Span:
10 – 18 years

85 – 95 cm (33.5 – 37.5 inches)

45 – 90 kg (99 – 200 pounds)

Trophy Size:
102 cm (40 inches)

Hunting Season:
mid-October to March


Sindh Ibex live in the hills around Jamshoro-Durejji, which is located in Sindh province, three hours from Karachi, and close to the Indian Ocean. They live at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 feet. The horns of a Sindh Ibex can range from 32 to 44 inches in length, with some exceptional trophies reaching 48 inches! Anything larger than 40 inches is considered a very good trophy. In the front, the horns are strongly keeled, sweeping upwards and outwards, with the tips generally diverging.

Like the Bezoar goat, the Sindh Ibex is a wild goat subspecies. Adaptation to the drier and hotter mountains of Southern Pakistan helped it evolve shorter, smoother skin that is lighter in color to assist reflect the sun’s rays. Sindh Ibex horns are less knobbed and spread less widely than Bezoar Ibex horns, thus the two species appear to be considerably different. The hunt for its horn takes the hunter to places far from the tourist trail, allowing him to experience new regions and cultures.

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